ICTDialer 3.0

  • ICTDialer 3.0, New and Improved version, RELEASED!
  • New version is using Free Switch and ICTCore.
  • Recommended by the developers, currently the only supported version.

ICTDialer 2.0

ICTDialer 2.0 was released after replacing Plivo with ICTCore Open Source Communication Framework.


Basic features in both versions are same, but new features have been introduced in ICTDIALER 3.0, this new version is recommended by the developers and supported currently.

  • ICTDIALER 3.0 has launched new feature Transmission, you can send a voice message, mail, fax and sms to only one contact too. Where as ICTDIALER 2.x a user can send messages in bulk only with the help of campaigns.

  • Latest version gives an option of Configure providers/trunks, the former version does not offer this feature.

  • New version provides Account management, old version does not.

  • Advanced version does not provide an IVR Designer, previous version does.

ICTBroadcast vs ICTDialer

ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software built by ICTINNOVATIONS.
A comparison between autodialers is given here: ICTBroadcast vs ICTDialer