View Detailed System Statistics

This software has a descriptive Dashboard which shows System Statistics i.e the details of the Campaigns and Transmission. It displays status of campaigns, total contacts, and processed contacts. Provides with facility to create transmissions and campaigns from the main page as well.


Blasting simultaneous messages

ICTDIALER is a comprehensive software that provides vast features. A user can send Voice messages, SMS, Email and Fax in a big sum now. Campaigns provide their user the facility to send a large amount of data in a less time. The new feature introduced in campaigns is the delay between SMS, Email, Fax and Voice messages. Campaigns have been discussed below in detail.


Sending SMS in bulk

Sending the same message to a large number of groups is not a problem any more as ICTDIALER provides its users a feature, SMS CAMPAIGN to send messages in a bulk quantity. This particular campaign sends a message to the all the contacts in a group. A message is written first and then sent to the chosen group of contacts. This campaign can send messages to a wide range of contacts. Number of retries and delay between sms can be added as well. An option in the bottom lets you add this delay and number of retries.

Sending Emails to a large number of group

To send an email to a group of contacts proves problematic sometimes, so a template of email comes handy. You can save a template and send this specific email to a large group containing email addresses. Number of retries and delay between emails can be mentioned while creating an Email campaign.

Sending Fax in a big sum

If you have to send fax to more than one number worry not! Fax campaign has got your back.It will send fax to all the numbers that you have mentioned in the group. The number delay between fax documents during a campaign and number of retries in case of failure, can be mentioned when creating this campaign.

Sending Voice message to thousands of contacts

Sending a voice message to thousands of contacts is now easy peasy lemon squeezy. Voice campaign can send voice messages to more than one number the selected group. You can send any audio of your choice and in case of failure this campaign retries to send the voice message and the user can choose the number of tries and mention the delay time between two messages.

Sending message to single contact

Where ICTDIALER provides a feature to blast thousands of messages, at the same time it sends messages to single contacts as well. This new feature introduced in ICTDIALER 3.0 is called Transmission. ICTDIALER is bundled with TRANSMISSIONS that have capability to send message, fax, email and voice message to only one contact. The message, fax, email or voice message used for campaigns can be used to send to a single contact as well.It provides a retry option as well. A number can be selected from the drop down for retrying. Transmissions have been discussed below in detail.


Sending SMS to one contact

SMS Transmission is the best for sending message to only one contact.

Sending Email to only one address

Email Transmission can reuse the templates. The same template used for sending email to a large number of group, can be reused for sending mails to a single contact. You can send a saved email template to a single contact with in seconds.

Sending Fax to one contact

A user can send fax to the only one contact using Fax Transmission easily.

Sending Voice Message to only one contact

Voice transmission can send voice message to one contact only.

Adding Contacts

With this improved GUI a user can add contacts. Single Contacts and Groups can be added smoothly.

Importing Bulk Contacts from external files

ICTDialer lets you import and export contacts in CSV files. You don't need to bother entering individual contacts. Just import a CSV file containing your thousands of contact numbers and upload to contact management of ICTDialer.

Adding User Accounts

Admin can add more than one account for accessing ICTDIALER. This can be done in a small number of steps.

Adding Extensions

An Admin has access to add the extensions and he can configure the providers by filling up forms, which will probably take a few minutes.

Provider Trunk

Saving Media

A user can add media i.e a Voice recordings, Email templates,Fax documents and SMS Messages, which he can use later in campaigns and transmissions.